PRECIOUS (Professional Resources in Early Childhood Intervention: Online Utilities and Standards) was a project in the framework of the "Life Long Learning" program, consisting in an international, networked Aexchange of knowledge and methodology for the basis and further education / training of various professionals in the field of "Early Childhood Intervention".

A fundmanetal part of this project has been done by InfoSoc, which is the implementation and dissemination of special IT tools, for example an "Online Assessment Instrument", which allows the interactive online evaluation of individual training portfolios and exisiting curricula offered by training institutions by an expert certification commission. The reference point of this evaluation is in this case a "European Curriculum for ECI", that has been developed in the prior project EBIFF.

Project Coordinator: S.I.N.N. / Manfred Pretis

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{slimbox images/infosoc/assessment_large.jpg,images/infosoc/assessment_small.jpg,PRECIOUS Assessment Instrument} {slimbox images/infosoc/certificate_large.jpg,images/infosoc/certificate_small.jpg,PRECIOUS Assessment Certificate}