Project Development and Organisation

InfoSoc holds the know-how, resources and competencies necessary for the successful development of projects in the areas of social affairs, education and culture. Project development comprises all steps from a frist project draft to detailed concepts, resource planning and budgeting.

Specially, we offer to take over all necessary steps for a grant application for your project on regional, national or European level. Our long-term experience in the field of the relevant programs guarantees an excellent chance for successful applications and grant awarding.

Furthermore we can offer you support in project organisation (project coordination and project administration) as well as project finalisation (financial reporting and final report).

Our offer is intended for non-profit contexts exclusively, due to our non-profit statute, which means potential partners will for example be non-profit organisations, public bodies, educational institutions or private enterprises intending to do non-profit / non-commercial projects. For the development and management of commercial projects we can recommend you several competent partners from the consulting business.