ICF-CY-MedUse is a European project within the frame of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships. From 1.9.2015 till 30.8.2018 the project focuses on increasing knowledge and usage of the ICF-CY within Social Pediatric care and Early Childhood Intervention Services.

ICF-CY-Med-use increases the key competences of diagnostic, evaluation and documentation skills of transdisciplinary services for young persons wD by providing training on a COMMON international language to be used by professionals.

Project Outcomes


  • ICF-CY Practice Translator:  The ICF-CY Practice translator is an electronic tool to increase the usage of ICF-CY in clinical practice. Features will include “context-sensitive search functions” and participant-to-participant learning functions (to learn through practicing with others)
  • ICF-CY blended training platform:  ICF-CY blended training platform is a multifunctional online tool implemented as a set of integrated database to facilitate and support "comparable" standardized training activities within the field of social pediatric care and Early Childhood Intervention.
  • ICF-CY online training passport:  ICF-CY online training passport is an online tool to enable the generation of individual training passports for professionals as well as standardised ICF-CY trainer certificates for trainers based on the online assessment / certification of an individual training portfolio. The methodology foresees self-assessment as well as external assessment up to certification by a certification commission.

Further Information: Project Website www.icfcy-meduse.eu