"Kids Strengths" ( is a project within the program "Life Long Learning", focussing on an international networked exchange of know-how and methodology in basic and further education of professionals working with children in the context of mental diseases (of the parents).

A fundmanetal part of this project is done by InfoSoc, which is the implementation and dissemination of special IT tools, for example an Online Resource Pool for multimedia training materials, an Online-Learning system and an "Online Resilience Map", a working tool, which allows, in a simple way, documentation and assessment as well as visualisation of the situation of children on the context of mentally ill / vulnerable parents.

Project Coordinator: S.I.N.N. / Manfred Pretis

Further Information:

{slimbox images/infosoc/respool_large.jpg,images/infosoc/respool_small.jpg,Kids Strengths Resource Pool} {slimbox images/infosoc/resmap_large.jpg,images/infosoc/resmap_small.jpg,Kids Strengths Resilience Map}