European Competence Initiative - Early Childhood Intervention (ECI2.0) is a "Transfer of Innovation" Project within the EU Lifelong Learning Programme targeting vocational education and training (VET) in the area of early childhood intervention professionals, funded by the European Union through the Turkish National Agency for Lifelong Learning.

ECI2.0 aims to increase skills of professionals working in ECI by concrete skill transfer and availability of "ready to take training programs" as well as quality monitoring of trainings by online assessments.

ECI2.0 in the long-term therefore provides developmental and parental support to children with established disabilities or at risk to prevent further impairments and empower full participation.

A fundmanetal part of this project is done by InfoSoc, which is the implementation and dissemination of special IT tools, for example an Online Resource Pool for multimedia training materials, an Online-Learning system and an "Online Assessment Instrument Map", a working tool, which allows, in a simple way, self assessment of an individual training portfolio compared to a referrence curriculum.

Project initiator: S.I.N.N. Evaluation Prof. Dr. Manfred Pretis, Graz, Austria

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