Let's Try ICT

Let's Try ICT ist ein europäisches Projekt im Rahmen von ERASMUS+ Strategischen Partnerschaften. Vom 1.9.2015 bis zum 30.8.2017 beschäftigt sich das Projekt mit IT-Tools, speziell Apps für mobile Plattformen und deren Einsatz im Bereich Frühförderung und frühe Hilfen.

The goal of Let’s try I©T is:

  1. To increase skills, knowledge and awareness of ECEC professionals with regard to learning-support APPS for vulnerable children towards higher effectiveness of ECEC services by enabling blended learning processes within a community of practice, using prior experience with community of practice approaches in other sectors (comparable e.g. to "tripadvisor").
  2. To increase the usage and further development of participative available ICT planning and documentation tools for professionals including full accessibility and participation of parents as primary experts for the child by learning from best practice examples
  3. To close the observable gap between available research/technology in ICT for vulnerable children and operative lack of transfer towards professionals in ECEC by tutoring pathways - in order to increase the quality of services and their output (e.g. preacademic skills)

Weitere Informationen: Projekt-Website www.letstry-ict.eu